rockaway Azure Hackathon 2016

We call upon all developers. Grab your laptops, warm-up your processors and brains. You will get 24 hours.

Using the Microsoft Azure cloud technology you will solve a complex problemfrom the area of E-commerce, Fintech and public transport – in a simple and effective way. Experienced mentors eager to help you squeeze out the maximum both from your team and technologies will be available non-stop.

Where will we meet?


October 14th-15th 2016
Drtinova 10


November 11th-12th 2016
Sokolská třída 1263/24


2. – 3. prosince 2016
Cyrilská 7

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All times are specified approximately. The faster we will deal with organizational details, the more time will remain for hacking.


19:00 – 19:30Registration
19:30 – 20:00What it's all about
20:00 – 20:30Creating teams
20:30 – 21:30Brainstorming
21:30 – 22:00Idea presentation (Each team max. 5 min feedback from mentors)
22:00 – 22:30Late dinner
22:30 – ?Hacking


08:00 – 08:30Breakfast
09:00 – 13:00 Hacking
13:00 – 14:00Lunch
14:00 – 18:00Hacking
18:00 – 18:30Last supper
18:30 – 20:30Hacking
20:30 – 21:00Presentations and announcement of the winners

Kick-off meeting

5th October 2016  •  Cinema, Kavčí Hory, Praha 4 mapa

A few days before the registration deadline, you can meet informally with other participants, mentors and partners. We will discuss all technical requirements and introduce a specific tasks for the hackathon. We will be ready to answer all your questions.


Extremely experienced mentors will be available 24 hours a day.
We will add more names to the list of mentors.

Tomáš Strejček

Tomáš Strejček

Head of Development @ ECH

He programmed a few years and then founded his own development firm, and after one meeting with the client, he said, “Fuck that.” He got a job in a digital agency, where a few years doing custom Facebook applications and information systems.

Then he joined the E-commerce Holding as chief development and chief architect platform for running (or will run) All e-shops of the holding company.

Jiří Riedl

Jiří Riedl

Head of Development @ Finnology

He started as a programmer and later as an application architect at systems for the financial market. Later he turned to strategic management. When he returned to lead developers, he tried to work in Telco and E-commerce, but eventually pulled back the financial market.

Now he is working in Finnology. As an application architect and development manager is responsible for the solution architecture, which has ambitions to get into the whole world.

Michal Kocarek

Michal Kocarek

Captain @ Bileto

I am working on a projects for which I can get excited – that are meaningful. I started as a full-stack web developer, then I added agile development, customer interaction and product design. To this day, I enjoy the overhang – shaking hands with a client is just as interesting as the smudge from the backend code.
During hackaton I like to help with product design, management plan, databases and solving specific problems in the code.

Martin Stekl

Martin Stekl

Technology Pirate @ Bileto

He started as a developer, today is engaged in Product issues and communication with clients. Moves in Nette community and occasionally lectures at Last Saturdays. Martin’s strongest skills are PHP and SQL, but manages a number of other languages and technologies.
He switched to Bileto from where he worked it out for the role of CTO and led development. His diligence and ability to detect the amount of edge-cases or “gray areas” manifests itself in communication with the client and application design.

Jakub Riedl

Jakub Riedl


As a system administrator, he learned how to build an infrastructure for real business and led several large scale projects. But soon he was attracted to product development and after a few side projects he started his own larger project Softaukce. Now he focuses on the development and dev-ops startup and cloud projects.

Jan Sechovec

Jan Sechovec


I follow the current trends and open the eyes of others. I combine technology and talented innovations. More than 15 years of experience with hard work in a corporation, on my own business, and from several battlefields also gives me energy so concentrated that the energy drink would have paled with envy.

Stepan Bechynsky

Stepan Bechynsky

Azure IoT TSP for CEE at Microsoft

After nine years, Stepan has left Microsoft, where he worked as a Technical Evangelist with a focus on Microsoft Azure. He joined the pharmaceutical company MSD, where he was in charge of infrastructure in the Amazon Web Services. He took the title of MVP and returned to Microsoft, where he handles IoT solutions in the CEE region as a technical consultant. In his free time is dedicated to microcontrollers and 3D printing and likes to spend weekends at the stove or lecturing about Arduino.

Jan Pospíšil

Jan Pospíšil

Senior Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft

Sr. Technology Evangelist @ Microsoft, SW a solution Architect, Developer, IoT & DIY geek, father, husband, technocrat, …
My passions are IoT gadgets, IoT solutions, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, New Technologies (even bleeding edge), e-commerce, robotics, automation, coding, …

I’d like to meet you for a chat about those topics and how you use them together with Azure services to boost your business.

Martin Šimeček

Martin Šimeček

Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft

I discover and learn what’s new with Microsoft technologies and then show it to developers so that they have enough information to benefit from them. I train software development companies, consult startups, record videos and screencasts, talk at conferences and write for various audiences. My primary areas of focus are mobile apps, Microsoft Azure, conversation bots and Office 365 APIs.

Jan Hájek

Jan Hájek

Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft

I am interested into many different technologies, not limited to the Microsoft ones. My major interests are Windows Server, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. I develop in PHP and JavaScript (and Node.js) on Microsoft Azure. I contribute to some open source libraries and I publish some of my own.

Marek Lani

Marek Lani

Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft

Almost every day I have opportunity to learn about new technologies and consequently assist developers with their adoption, whether in the form of blogs, workshops, lectures etc. My area of focus is development of mobile/modern apps for Windows platform, web development, where I went from PHP thru Ruby to ASP.Net. I also focus on exploring and uncovering new Azure cloud platform services and functionality. Besides computer mouse I like to take in hand, put on or kick to almost any sports equipment.


To participate in the hackathon is required to pay a registration fee. We see it as a signal that you are interested to come and we can provide a place for you and plenty of refreshments.
The amount is CZK 200 only.


Why we do that?

Both at work and in personal lives, we daily encounter problems that are complicated at first glance but information technologies could easily cope with them. The purpose of the Rockaway Azure Hackathon 2016 is to devise efficient and elegant solutions using modern approaches.

We prepare plan so that turned out to existing problems. We will be based on real data that are widely available and in the end we expect functional solutions. The aim of the Hackathon is to show the potential of the latest platforms and tools and practical possibilities for their use.

Who should come to the Kick Off?

Everyone who wants to participate in this hackathon, meet other participants, shake hands with mentors and greet the partners. At this informal event held on October 5th at Rockaway offices, you will also get to know the specific assignments and other important information about the hackathon.

Which technologies will be worked with?

Because we love the latest technologies, we will be working with the Microsoft Azure cloud service. It does not matter what programming language you use.

What will the winning teams get?

We decided that we will not disclose more specific list prices. But we promise it will be worth it.

Is it a problem if I don’t have my own team?

No it’s not! In the beginning there will be initial presentations of participants and their ideas. As an individual, you can then join any existing team that attracts you, or create your own team with other separate individuals. The ideal number is 4 – 6 brains in one group.

Why do I have to pay a registration fee?

Registration fee tells us that you are really serious about participating and we can reserve a chair for you. It also covers part of our costs for food and drinks.

How about sleeping?

There is a lot of space in the Hub – if you plan to sleep, we recommend you bring a blanket or sleeping bag.

Have we forgotten something?

Ask for anything

Last year

Prague, Brno and Ostrava hosted a series of hackathon at the end of 2015, aimed at AWS technology. In an extremely short time, more than a hundred developers have managed to create over 20 functional applications.


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